Terms & Conditions

Our terms are simple , plz read this beforee you make your order to avoid any missunderstanding

  • As all systems it might have a downtime .
    We make our efforts to keep you likes constantly but some times due to unknown problems there might be downtimes . We gurantee to add the down time to you subscription. Ie if for a whole day u wont get likes then we will add 1 day to your subscription !
  • You must keep you profile as public and not private or else cannot send any autmatic likes
  • The likes wil start showing from 10 – 60 minuets of the time you have uploaded your new picture
  • ONLY new pictures from the time purchased will get new likes ,not old ones
  • Some times instaram server is overloaded and we cannot grab new pictures/or send fast likes so if you see slowness its not related to us .
  • If you wish to cancel your subscription then you must do it from your paypal, go to your recuring payments and cancel it there.
  • Refunds are made ONLY if we fail to deliver for ALL period and not for few times of failures/slow likes

With our services, the choice to get fast or slow instagram likes is entirely in your hands. Our services are some of the best in the industry and we are improving them even further by avoiding downtimes. As such, it is rather easy to get the popularity you have always desired with our services. The following aspects make us unique:
Auto instagram likes
For every new picture you post on instagram our systems will instantly post likes automatically.
An interface that is easy to work with
Our interface does not have third party sites or IDs. As such, it is easy to use.
Excellent value for money
For a reasonable amount of money, you get some of the best services in the market.
Hasty delivery
After making an order, you just have to wait for a maximum of 10 minutes to have your order delivered.
Password not needed
During registration, you will not be asked to provide your instagram password.
No mass following with our services
We do not follow thousands of accounts with your account, like most of the companies in the business do.
No malicious activity
We do offer our services in a legit way. That way, your account will not be in a risk of getting blocked.
Client satisfaction
Satisfaction of the client is our primary role. As such, we always deliver according to what we promised.
Quality services
The company offers the best services as compared to other providers in the industry.